Our products and services are required by Private Individuals, Corporate Companies, Government Institutions and Public Entities in need of Security Services.

Strategy & Vision


#       We strive to efficiently, effectively and timeously meet your safety and security needs by providing excellent service

#       We will provide the quality of service at the prices quoted

Mission Statement:

#       Big enough to protect, Small enough to care


#       We are one of the Market Leaders in the Local Security Industry and place our clients first and believe in honesty, openness and transparency within our company.

#       We excel in what we do and offer our clients peace of mind through our dedicated service

#       We believe in a customer centric approach and treat all clients accordingly


#       Nite Owl is based on sound business and ethical practices and offers a transparent and diverse platform to empower each and every employee through skills development, in house training, security related refreshment courses such as shooting practice/crowd control/customer care and advanced driving techniques.



#       We deliver as per quote and promise and provide Security Related services ensuring monitoring of clients alarms, fast and effective response to signals and monitored guarding.

#       We use SAIDSA approved alarms and access control devices


Business Goals & Objectives

#       Nite Owl’s goal is to provide all clients with a superior Safety and Security Service solution by offering a friendly, efficient, trustworthy service with associated aftercare.


Growth Strategy

#       We distinguished ourselves as a market leader in the Security Sector by offering a one stop security solution to all needs by rendering a most affordable, reliable and intense combinations/packages to cater for all client needs,

#       By offering a broad spectrum of services through our company we get to cater for all needs in the niche market and can therefore grow our market share.


Business Competitiveness

In order to ensure we stay ahead of competitors we do the following:

#       Address all clients with sensitivity and confidentiality

#       Ensure our service are unique, intense, affordable and on time

#       We abide by all Sectoral Determination in terms of wages, provident fund contribution, basic conditions of employment and in service training

#       We are visible within our community and regularly from part of Community Projects

#       We have a social conscience

#       We ensure 24 hour communication with all clients


Nite Owl is committed to providing a safe working environment and is a firm believer that Safety and Incident Prevention comes first and is a shared responsibility amongst all.

Nite Owl has a Status of Good Standing at the Department of Labour.

We are covered in terms of the OHSC and is registered at all relevant Departments.

We also have liability cover to protect and cover us in case of an incident.

Management & Ownership

Nite Owl is Owner managed.

Company Details

Nite Owl is registered with the CPIC in terms of the Companies act as a Closed Corporation.

Nite Owl is registered with PSIRA .

We are registered for UIF, PAYE & VAT.